Film Strategy

n. Plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal

When making a film, you plan and research everything. And when that pays off on screen? It’s magic. It’s the same with your release strategy. Knowing what you want and how to get it is everything. With a smart plan in place, you can take the right steps to get your film exactly where you want it: being seen and talked about by the right people. Buzz doesn’t happen on its own. There’s a busy bee behind it – and that bee is hitting up all the right flowers in its neighbourhood.

A strategy doesn’t just live in your head (that’s where many people go wrong). It’s a written plan you create and follow. Tracking against your objectives as your film roles out internationally.

Sarah helps filmmakers and institutions create strategies to achieve their objectives. Reviewing where their focus lies; whether in revenue generation, audience reach or critical reaction. For most it’s a combination of the three, but it’s important that all of your team members know which is most important for your current project.

We can either draft you a strategy from scratch or join mid way to help reframe your objectives and keep you heading for the finish line.

How I can help



What money is out there for your film? And how do you get it? We're well versed in all the funding models, the best mix, and applying for money.



From your first festival screening to the best on-demand option for your film, we'll get your film shown to the right audiences at the right time. Get out there.



How are you going to let people know about your film? With so many channels and platforms out there, we'll help you find the ones your audience are already using.


Want to make an impact? You need to have a strategy.

There’s so much to do once your film is nearing completion. Enter festivals. Get your social media going. Design a poster. It can all pile on like one giant to-do list from hell. I’ll help you break down that to-do list. We’ll strike a few things off – and add new ones. You’ll get a manageable timeline of action points.

After investing so much time and money in your film: equipment, late nights editing, credit card charges, it deserves the best chance at release. With a vast array of options, and much more flexibility for you to retain and monetise some of your rights directly, it’s important you put a strategy in place early on.

I offer my time in transparent blocks. Book in for a free initial consultation and we’ll spend 15 minutes discussing your project and possible next steps. There’s no obligation to book further sessions – it’s entirely up to you.

“It was fantastically useful to hear some of your brilliant strategies for connecting up the dots between funding needs and charitable organisations, among other funding opportunities.

Pretty damn awesome stuff…”


Staten Cousins-Roe, Writer

I can assemble a team to run your entire campaign from start to finish, or step in to offer support at whatever stage you need. My network includes the best publicists, social media managers, impact producers and distributors, and so can advise on the best fit for your project.

I’ll start by clarifying reviewing your film’s potential and then working through a detailed 12 point strategic plan covering objectives and outcomes, budgetary needs, partnership development and evaluation metrics.

We can also review potential grant, brand and philanthropic funders who might be a good fit for your project and help craft the language to encourage them to get on board.

Depending on your budget I can either provide a quick fire round of innovative ideas and strategic thinking on a call for your to explore further, or work with you over a series of months to guide you through the entire process.

If you have a range of ideas, but unclear how to order your thoughts, I can also come in for a full day workshop with your team to clarify your objectives and create a strategic overview that can be used for funding applications and/or implementation.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. It's really as simple as that.

The first person I recommend

Sarah is one of the UK's foremost experts in story development, marketing, outreach and overall documentary funding, distribution and exhibition strategies. She knows it all, and her connections and specialised thinking means she's always the first person I recommend when documentary makers need an expert in reaching the widest audience possible. Some consultants can help on parts of the journey from idea to audience; she can do it all, and do it brilliantly.

Charlie Phillips - Head of Documentaries (Multimedia), Guardian News & Media

Experience is crucial

Doc/Fest has been inspired to have Sarah Mosses as a key industry voice at the Festival, both as a speaker in our conference programme, and as a nurturing mentor for filmmakers both at the Festival in the MeetMarket and as part of our year round training activities. Sarah’s experience is crucial for filmmakers who want to have social impact, audience reach and revenue potential when bringing their films to the international market.

Anna Parker - Marketplace Manager, Sheffield Doc/Fest

Understanding independent distribution

We consulted Sarah Mosses when we were planning the distribution of The Divide. It was the insights from these meetings which helped us make a successful application to the BFI New Models Distribution Fund. She has a sharp understanding of the continually changing shape of independent distribution.

Christo Hird - Founder and Managing Director, Dartmouth Films

Some people meet with me once or twice a year, others like to have a weekly status call to keep them on track. I can be completely flexible based on your budget and project requirements. Book in for a free initial consultation and we’ll spend 15 minutes discussing your project aims and possible next steps.


  • £ FREE /15 mins
  • Initial Consultation
    • We’ll discuss your project
    • I’ll suggest some ways forward
    • You’ll come away with clarity
  • Book now
  • £ 200 /hr
  • The Intense Hour
    • We focus on your project
    • I suggest strategies and actions
    • Add extra hours at £180/hr
  • Book now
  • £ 850 /five
  • The Intense Hour | Pack of Five
    • Ongoing support for your project
    • Use the hours at any time
    • Like having an extra team member
  • Book now
  • £ 400 /half day
  • The Half Day
    • Half a day on your project
    • Pin down your strategy
    • Campaign confidence
  • Book now
  • £ 700 /day
  • The Full Day
    • A full day on your project
    • Come away with a full strategy
    • We’ll take the first steps  – together
  • Book now
  • £ POA /campaign
  • The Full Campaign
    • All the time you need
    • A full strategy and support
    • Delivering your objectives
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